Breakfast at Foundry 53

Robbie does coffee
Robbie does coffee

One morning, I realised I had some time before I had to be anywhere. That’s pretty rare for me. It was early and I’d been out since 6am.

Why not shout myself a treat and have breakfast in a cafe. Wow, I liked that idea. I was near Foundry 53, so pulled up and wandered in. Robbie took my order of fresh fruit and muesli, with a gorgeous flat white to start.

Lots of other people in there too. It’s amazing how busy the world is so early.  Out with the sketch book, and did the counter where the coffee is ordered and the croissants and muffins are on display. A good subject. That’s the action area.

Used a chinagraph white to get some loose whites in there, and then splashed about a bit with the wee watercolour set.

Loved my little treat. It’s nice to spoil yourself sometimes.

Passionfruit, melon, yoghurt, strawbs over muesli
Passionfruit, melon, yoghurt, strawbs over muesli


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