Books & Fire Stations

It seemed like a good idea to get into the tough stuff early in the term. Perspective!!!!

I avoid the ‘P’ word most of the time but a nice way to introduce it is with a pile of lovely books. Take a look at how well everyone did, including several new sketchers who still came out smiling.

Of course once we moved up the hill to the Fire Station it seemed a breeze.




Blue skies today. Is summer back again?

It was straight into the tough stuff though. Stack of books topped with a box, all angled differently.

Our two new people tackled the setup very well and slowly saw their sketch taking shape.

This is a warm up for perspective. Looking for angles, where one book comes out under another and so on.

Everyone did well, just a few corners to re-think and then it becomes clear.

Up instead of down the hill this time –  to the Fire Station. A very classically proportioned building with nice even panels as markers to divide it up. and then place the rows of windows in the spaces you have left.

We had planned on sketching the Fire engine as it sat in the open doorway – but would you know – it was out fighting a fire. Darn.

Even without it, every sketch got the character of the building. Each in their own style and way of seeing.

Lunch at The Butcher’s Cafe was our reward and colours were added or enhanced while ordering.

You’ll see some lovely momentos above from today.




Two of the girls sent their completed Fire Station sketches, as some were unfinished when the pic was taken.


Another glorious summer’s day.

People actually arrive early now, with coffee in hand and get started on their sketches.

I’d added flower to the pile of books, to make a change and to make it easier for our new sketcher.

She was the only one allowed to do flowers only. Observe those books well everybody.

It helps to have considered the angles once out on the street sketching the Fire station. No fire engine today either – must be rescuing a puddy tat somewhere.

Most chose to do a full frontal of the Fire station and once the big shapes were in, get down to windows and small stuff.

Much discussion took place and not all sketches were complete when the pic needed to be taken.

However all were lovely works and definitely the building we’d been looking at.




No umbrellas today.

Slightly changed the book piles, so that there is something different between the days.

Yes it does mean heaps of looking and observing.

When you can relate all the angles to each other, the sketch will look fine.

So up the road we went still hoping to have a fire engine peeping out the door at the Fire station. But no, another fire? Surely not. Oh well at least nobody had one in their sketch.

It did return while we were having lunch outdoors at The Butcher’s Cafe, but too late. We were done.

The fire station has had many different treatments this week and all very happy sketches.

We decided very happy firemen must live there, as it shows in our sketches.


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