Blue Guerilla Cafe, Berkeley

Blue Guerilla Cafe.
Blue Guerilla Cafe.

This is a sketch I did while waiting in the cafe to meet some friends later. I sat against the wall just in the window as you enter, to be sure I’d get a setup I could draw.

I did want to find good coffee on this US sojourn so it was great to find ‘Blue Guerilla’, and I went back often, even though it took a couple of go’s to get the cup size right. I later found a lot of good places, Peet’s being one, but ‘Blue Guerilla’  was interesting and lively, and I  liked seeing all the University people who frequented.

I am a coffee person, so I’m in heaven when the magic works. If it doesn’t they never see me again.

Anyway, I ordered my glorious coffee, with the heart design in the crema – I appreciate a good coffee artist. Out with the pad and drew the still life that was in front of me. That’s an interesting mural on the wall opposite, and if I’d been a bit quicker, I’d have got the couple who’d been at that table in the drawing, but it’s ok, I can deal with it. I made notes of the colour and put that in later with my funny little travelling watercolour set.


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