London 2 Day Travel Sketching Workshops - June/July 2109

Join me on our 2 day Travel Sketch Workshop
Venue: Cass Art Shop, 66 -67 Colebrooke Rowe, London N1
Click here to see location

Sunday June 30th. ‘Simple Shapes in Travel Sketching’ Time: 12.00NOON - 5.00PM
Monday July 1st ‘Getting Loose with Watercolour’ Time: 10.00AM - 3.00PM
Who: Everybody welcome . All levels from beginners to experienced
Cost: £80 for one day. £150 for both days
BOOKINGS: Email me for a booking and payment form.

Day 1.
Simplifying Travel Sketching
Our first day will be about planning your page and getting onto your page what you see in front of you. We will look at the main shapes in our subject to get our first sketch done, with several tricks to get you more free. Once we apply aquarelle pencil colour you'll see how leaving whites and pushing darks creates dimension. We continue on location and complete our sketches over lunch. We’ll carry many of these tips over to day 2.

Day 2. Getting Loose with Watercolour
Today we’ll work the 10 watercolours we’ll need to bring our sketches to life.
Once we have our first sketch, we’ll start with where to put colour, how much water to add, and how to let the colours come together on the page.
We’ll do a location sketch and apply watercolour at lunch, along with a food sketch.
You’ll love the results.

What to bring:
A5 Sketchbook, 125gsm or heavier, smooth paper. Or similar.
Black No 3 permanent drawing pen.
Set of 12 Staedtler Noris Club Aquarelle(watercolour) pencils. Whatever set you bring, make sure it has yellow ochre or buy a single one. (See pic above)
Small set of traveling watercolours (The customised EHS set is now available online form Ken Bromley Art UK)
Barrel sharpener
Water brush
Chinagraph pencil white.
Small water pot, hopefully with attached lid. (Sometimes pots which hold gum are perfect.)
Small pack of tissues

What else to bring: Money for lunch and coffee. A big smile.

A folding stool if you wish.
Rosemary & C0 1/4 inch dagger travel brush.
White Posca pen, Size 0.7mm. Bullet shaped nib.
TWSBI Diamond 580 fountain pen.


For UK Workshops. If you don’t already have your own, some of the items above are available at Cass Art Stores.
The Seawhite Euro Portrait Sketchbook looks great.
If you cannot find Watercolour pencils by Staedtler Noris club, at least get the same colours - yellow ochre is vital. Faber Castell sell Individual colours.
My custom Cotman’s Pocket Plus Watercolour set can be ordered from Ken Bromley’s Art Supplies.
Click here to order the Erin Hill Cotman’s watercolour set. and the exact colours we use.

Erin Hill