Blank Canvas – back in the Studio

Blank Canvas
Blank Canvas

I thought seeing as everyone else is back at work today, I should be too.

The family were off on Ocean World adventures, so Amelie and I went to the Studio, to see how it felt in 2011. It was good. We liked it.  But it does mean that my exhibition which last week was 2 yrs away, is suddenly closer to 1 year away!! I must have at least 30 to 40 works for that. I wouldn’t put anything I have in it at this stage, so it’s dawning on me that I might have to get cracking.

I have some ideas about what my next acylic painting will be, but the canvas needed some gesso. That meant I had time to do a scribble and let the ist coat dry. So here is how things look at this stage.

At least I have a deadline, and of course Sicily is our next painting trip, and that is next year too. I can deal with it!


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