Birthday Bouquet

Birthday Bouquet
Birthday Bouquet

This is a very large bunch of Oriental lilies, which when I got them were all just buds and greenery. Actually very sensible, as it means a good 3 weeks of fresh flowers.

I had placed them on a side table and when I saw the first flower opening this morning, delayed my gettaway to sketch them.

I even stayed long enough to get some colour washed in.

Now I’m home and there are at least 2 blooms fully opened with a third partly. And the aroma is glorious. The house is filled with it. Possibly my favourite flower apart from daphne, gardenia, frangipani, Lily of the Valley and Sweetheart roses.

There are many others I adore for painting the colours of course, but I do love fragrance.

Hope you like it. I felt very happy once I’d snapped shut my little sketch book.


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