Big Surf at Manly

Surf boards and big surf
Surf boards and big surf. Line and watercolour pencil.
Quick lunch sketch
Quick lunch sketch. Line and watercolour pencil.

Well there I was sitting in the Studio deciding to gesso over 2 canvases I wasn’t happy with. Then a happy little voice piped up as someone walked in. My little friend Jo. Architect, Yoga Teacher & Sketcher. Just passing and saw the flag up so thought she’d pop in.

Jo had been out sketching on a rare day to herself, so that’s all it took for me to decide to join her and go down to the seaside. Not with our bucket and spade, but sketchbooks and pens.

Amelie was with me so she was leashed up and off we went down through the park to grab a coffee and a little lunch. That was perfect. A great coffee, some omega 3 in the form of a salmon wrap and a quick food sketch. Jo sketched me while I did my food. She’s good on people sketches – and fast.

The wind was quite cool even though it was sunny and blue, so we went to the beach with less wind. The surf was amazing with massive waves crashing in as far as you could see. The colour of the sun coming through as they curl before descending is fantastic.

Being Monday meant we could sit at any of the picnic tables and spread out a bit. Amelie curled up under the table with an eye on all the dogs passing by.

It’s funny how things work out some days. Getting outside to sketch was just what I felt like. So we did. And those 2 canvases get to live another day.



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