Beach Painting in a new Style

Fairlight Beach as it has never looked before.
Fairlight Beach as it has never looked before.

It’s fine and dandy to think you can paint like the Masters. I keep looking at the Vlaminck and then at the ErinHill and there is an ocean of difference. His has nice slabs of changing colour and he doesn’t outline everything, or in the same thickness. Now I want to get back to Paris and find this painting to see it in the raw. And no I’m not waiting 2 hrs in any queue, it’s too urgent for that. But it’s too far!!!!  So I will have to settle for my piece of magazine page.

Actually, I’m butting in here. Since I posted this I have re-worked it and removed many of the black outlines. It is now in the ‘simplistic/decorative’ style – if there is such a thing. Fauve I have yet to master! I may post it, we will see.

But there is something amazing about trying something when it’s not your usual ‘thing’. I am highly aware that I haven’t created a Fauve painting, but I am learning so much just by doing it. Learning what ‘He’ does and I do not seem able to yet. I give myself some credit for working in Acrylic and learning how to put it on – and I like the medium now. It’s very rich and when mixed with gel medium, has a lovely depth.

Anyway, you have to forget the reference and just make it your own. I may have more to do yet. I knew what needed doing when I first saw it again today. So hoping when I next see it I will know whether to do more or not. But it sure is colourful.


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