Beach Babies

Beach Babies
Beach Babies

Back to 12 inch square canvases. I love them.

Alissa (from Sketchclub) and I met for lunch one glorious day recently, and wandered along to the kiosk at Oceanworld in Manly . As we were chatting I could see these two little ones playing in the shallow water on the beach just below us. Their Mum was sitting on the sand enjoying the peace. It was so paintable. Just no one except the 3 of them. Usually it’s a popular end of the beach because it’s so safe, and with 2 cafes beside the sand – well of course it’s perfecto.

But I was also drawn to the little ripple patterns of the sand when the water goes gently ebbs and flows across it. I haven’t painted quite as many lines as there really are – but you can see the idea.

I have taken a few liberties with the composition. I liked how it seems sort of round as it disappears into the distance. Just happened by itself.  No I only drank water at lunch, nothing more!!


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