At last a Summer’s Day

Now THIS is what we like. Summer = blue skies, Sun not too hot, Sparkling water, slight breeze. Umbrella up.

Under the Market Umbrella
Under the Market Umbrella

Same for everybody really. Now that the hurley burley is over we can flop on the sofas, stick our feet out and let go. This is the life. Worked all year for this.

We have our swims, eat more ham or turkey – in sandwiches or salads – not tiring of it yet! Friends come and go and we just love it.

Now I shall go and read my new David Gentleman book ‘London You’re Beautiful’. A wonderful book by a well known English artist who was asked to sketch London month by month for a year. My class people will love seeing this and the different ways he sees the sites. It’s not easy to get good books on sketching – sketching as opposed to drawing and illustration.



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