Come Sketching In Trausse Minervois, South of France

I will be in residence in Trausse, for 3 months, in 2016. May 28 till August 28.

You are invited to book sketching lessons with me during that time. If you are coming to Europe, then book a car, some accommodation in or near Trausse and lets sketch. Ask for more info on how to get to the village of Trausse.

Daily cost, for lessons is $AU175 p.p. Two or more people $AU150 p.p.   10am – 3pm.

Enquiries and bookings


Among the many places I’ve painted and travelled in over the years, France and the unique village of Trausse is my favourite destination. I think and dream about it when I’m not there. Quiet, rustic and charming.

I’ve have been painting annual commissions for a client (now dear friends) based in the southern provence of Languedoc since 1998. After so many visits I’ve come to feel at home there, taking time to get to know every corner of the village, surrounding wineries and restaurant and local friends and acquaintances.

Languedoc is the “real’ France, lesser known than Provence but considerably more authentic and undiscovered yet by the main tourist trail. The Languedoc is a lovely department nestled close to the Spanish border and proudly independent home of the Cathars of Da Vinci Code fame whose castles crest the Haute Montagne ridges and resisted marauding Crusaders returning from the Holylands. It is the wine barrel of France with stone cottages and vineyards which date back to the beginnings of Roman viticulture. Transversed by the tree-lined and picturesque Midi Canal there’s a sketch and new piece of history to discover at every turn.

The village of Trausse is a glimpse down an ancient laneway, private vineyards behind stone walls, Saturday markets offering country gourmet delights, a greeting from a local who hasn’t seen too many tourists, a small village with a quiet certainty which has confronted centuries.

Places I like to sketch:

  • Carcasonne, the most famous walled city in all of France
  • Riversel markets by the Midi
  • Lunch by the locks of the Midi canal
  • Unfenced vineyards, forgotten in the Haute Montagne foothills
  • Minerve, the village built on a gorge spur steeped in brave history of the Cathars
  • The Citou valley, one of my favourite places for a picnic lunch
  • The little passages and laneways of Trausse

I enjoy sketching on a Wine tour with Wendy Gedney of Vin en Vacance. She takes us on a personal tour of her favourite local winemakers and guides us with her vast knowledge of local wines, lunching on the terrace of one of the beautiful vineyard buildings.

If you’d like to see Steve & Marilyn’s Trausse website, showing 45 Rue de Remparts, and 28 Rue de Remparts, 2 of their houses in the South of France, you can view the video Steve has made. You’ll get a feel for the setting which can be your holiday home in the South of France.

Happy sketching all.

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