Angels with Wonky Halos & More

It’s that time of the year again. Time to make our little square Christmas cards from our own sketches.

Thurs Dec 6. Cards to celebrate
Thurs Dec 6. Cards to celebrate.
Fri Dec 7. Celebrate with Cards
Fri Dec 7. Celebrate with Cards


The lovely thing here is it’s one of the few times we are doing our work to bring some of the joy to others, that we get from creating these tiny original pieces of artwork. They are even cute enough to frame.

Generally I say to people that sketching in itself is purely for your own pleasure.

There’s never the worry that others won’t like what we do – because we are doing it for us.

But Christmas is a time to give. Here is something you have put your heart into.

The pleasure is in the giving.

With this in mind we had both tables set with a mix of traditional Christmas decorations, any of which would make a delightful sketch. Plus Luella’s glorious flame orange gum tree flowers she’d found, and some frangipani.

As you can see, the finished cards are so appealing.

There were all sorts of angels with wonky halos, trees with a lean, snowmen with pink cheeks, puddings fit to burst  – so funny – we all had plenty of laughs.

The annual cardmaking is such a popular class that some of the students come back especially, including Atsuko’s teenage daughter who hadn’t sketched before, and did some gorgeous cards for her friends.

By the time we closed the card making ‘factory’ we were very keen to get to Belgrade Cartel for lunch.

It’s been renovated in a very boho style now. Still dark and moody but with a new outdoor corridor with views to the sky between 2 buildings, and a bonus room for us , with all it’s old ceilings exposed, lime washed walls in faded old paint, paintings you’ve seen a million times before in charity shops – and a chandelier – we loved it. Think we might be adding it to our ‘favourites’ list

And the food and coffee are excellent .

Next week will be very tasty – just you wait.




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