And now for Something Completely Different

Mixed Media 1
Mixed Media 1
Mixed Media 2
Mixed Media 2
Manly Moments Complete
Manly Moments Complete 14 X 18inches

Mixed Media. I loved doing this. It’s about moments in time. It’s about feelings. It’s about colour.

Mixed Media 1 –  is the building block. Glazed pieces of my sketches and texture from paper napkins painted in Acrylic Medium and some lines dragged through the thickest areas for effect.

Mixed Media 2 –  now has clear  bright colour added – acrylic – painted wherever I feel like it.  Then come decisions about how much and which colour where. Once I’d got to here, I needed to leave it a day to see it with fresh eyes next time. Then came the fun of using my collection of funny stencils with black paint. Plastic fork, lid caps, plastic shape that pills had been contained in, and more. I’m now finding everyday shapes which will make great stencil patterns. Lastly some words. I really wanted words. I don’t want to get too over the top – just ideas.

Well now you’ve seen it. Another is on the easel drying, and will go with this one, but different colours. Who knows what I will create. Glad I’ve begun. So many ideas to explore.




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