After the Gardening

Milton not gardening
Milton not gardening

He deserved this. Milton loves to reward himself with a little lie in the sun. The sun lounger had been in an excellent spot for months, but now the sun wasn’t reaching there. We’d been trimming, sweeping, adding mulch and generally getting a sweat up.

The sun now reaches a small slightly higher area in the garden, where there’s a round glass topped table – which weighs a ton. Next to this was where the sun lounger would have to go. So I moved all the herb pots and together we moved the table to one side. This area becomes our winter sun spot.

Perfect. The best spot for a good lie down. I looked back from the balcony and there was the hard working gardener taking his reward, listening to his tiny radio. Ahhhhh, this glorious weather, it really does lift your spirits.


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