Acrylic with a touch of line

Waves over Rocks
Waves over Rocks

I liked the way the sea is a deeper colour, and waves come crashing over the rock ledge and over into the shallower rock shelf.

I do love these rock water combos, and because it’s where I walk every day, I like to observe the colours and try to use those in my paintings.

This painting is done in acrylic but I’ve used a touch of black line as well. It’s based on an original sketch which I keep going back for it’s composition, and using on different sized canvases.  So in fact a hint of my sketch technique is being used along with the paint.

The size is 18 X 24 inches and the paint goes right round the edges. It is on the wall in the Studio along with 9 other paintings in similar but not the same style. Make sense?

As the Sun Rises
As the Sun Rises

Here is another acrylic painting, with a touch of line.

This one is based on a sketch I did one morning last summer, at about 5.30am. The morning colours are so gorgeous and subtle. The yachts do stay in the cove overnight quite a lot in the summer, so at this time of morning they are darker with the sun behind them.

I like the soft creams, lilacs, avocado greens and smokey blues. And a hint of pink.

This one is on a 12 inch square canvas and the colour stops to create a visual border.

Most of these new ones are on my ‘Shop’ if you would like to see them. They make quite a change in the Studio too.


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