Acrylic Glazing – next stage

Saturday in the Studio
Saturday in the Studio
Acrylic Glazing 1
Acrylic Glazing 1
Acrylic Glazing 2
Acrylic Glazing 2

Saturday. Love sunny Saturdays. Doesn’t matter what the time is today.

Get my little bowl of cereal and fruit. Make my ‘flat white’. Go down to the round glass table and take a seat in the sun. Does life get any better than these moments.

Actually my moment nearly came to a crashing halt, when I realised the nice new box of cereal and the muesli were not in the cupboard where I expected to see them! Nor were they in the boot of my little blue citroen. They were still at the shop where I’d bought them yesterday. Oh dear. Is this an age thing! Worse, I hadn’t even thought about them till right now when I was about to lose the plot completely. Anyway there were enough crumbs for us to share. I had a big conversation with myself about getting over it. The sun was still shining. The world had not stopped going round.

Milton decides to join me. Much too nice to stay in bed on a day like this. Amelie curls up on the lawn. These are the times when we chat away about anything and everything. We have an election next weekend but that doesn’t get a mention. Good friends coming tonight so we work out the menu. Decide on a perfectly cooked roast of beef ( and it was ) with apple pie to follow.

These friends leave in a week to go to Trausse, our village in South of France. Much dinner discussion about the fun they will have there with Marilyn and Steve as hosts. And the wines they will discover. And the Roman ruins.

Time to get over to the Studio. Two minutes away.

Actually – after reading my notes, I need to put the glazing layers of colour on before actually getting stuck in and painting.

Mixed up a blob of yellow, glazing medium and some water to thin it a little. Using a good sponge, dot it all over as quickly as possible. Sponge off the light areas. As you can see I chose yellow. After a few people popped in it was dry enough to do a cerulean glaze. It’s sitting now till I get back to attack the painting stage.

The paint will be put into one of my plastic containers and have glazing added. I shall use other containers for other colours. At this stage I’m not sure the palette will work. Perhaps for tiny amounts of dark or white. I’ll see.

Excited about the process. It’s taking shape but where will it take me!!


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