Erin Hill

Teaching travel sketching has been my particular passion for more than two decades. In my former life I was a Advertising art director then a gallery owner. Now as a teacher I enjoy taking sketchers from their early moments with a sketchbook and pen to pride and astonishment at the sketching result they achieve. Away from the studios I write, illustrate and video my technique on line (and seem to have gained a considerable social media following).

My particular skill lies in the ability to break down into deceptively simple steps the way the eye works with the hand to produce a sketch image. Experienced and new sketchers alike benefit from an improved understanding of seeing and by the use of matching techniques all our tutors use to render an impactful image.

I use a particular technique for applying colour which results in vibrant bright images and sketches. Mixed with a letting go more spontaneous approach to image making. This helps sketchers develop their own creative sketching signature.

All our tutors have learned these unique skills and you’ll discover the joy of sketching in any of our classes, workshops and Sketch Tours.

The EHS System

The EHS system has been developed as a unique method to get you started with sketching.
You’ll learn how to apply colour and show contrast to create depth and form.
This is not an Art Class as you know it. We won’t be teaching you to paint a perfect painting! Or draw something exact and precise.


So many of us were told at a young age, possibly at school that ‘we could not draw’ or, were not good enough. Our brains then engaged in “I cannot draw attitude” throughout the rest of our working lives.

Travel sketching is a perfect way to re engage the creative part of your brain that has been lying dormant, through a series of classes that will have you sketching in no time and enjoying exploring your new found creativity.

Use just your eyes, your pen, your sketchbook. No digital image can see the way you do.

It’s your impression of what you see in that moment. Your interpretation. We take you step by step to creating your sketch.

Our minimal sketch kit is designed to be with you at all times.

Observe quickly, sketch quickly, apply colour sparingly. Move on.

You’ll know a great deal more about your subject by observing and sketching it than by taking a photo.

You can never go wrong. Simply make changes right over the top.

Keep every sketch as each one is part of a learning journey. We’re not looking for ‘perfect’.

Wobbly and imperfect lines add personality to your sketches.

Enjoy what you create. It cannot be compared to anybody else’s. It’s yours. It’s unique.

Absolutely everybody can learn to sketch!