A Very Sketchable Dessert

Desert at Bather's Pavilion with friends
Dessert at Bather's Pavilion with friends

It was a most delightful evening with two dedicated Sketcher friends. I’m talking SERIOUSLY dedicated. Every day a sketch or 3. International Symposiums. Sketching kit always in their handbags. You see what I mean!! Guess who forgot hers!!

This was Alissa and Liz who hadn’t seen my exhibition at Bather’s Pavilion. We’d therefore decided to make a night of it which we surely did.

It was so wonderful having such intense conversation about every possible aspect of sketching. How it differs from drawing. What motivates people to sketch. How it changes peoples lives and so on.

So after a delicious first course the idea to order a sketchable dessert seemed to be in the air, so we asked which was the best looking one. Not the waiter, the dessert.

Presented was this very picturesque parfait with white chocolate walls & shiny figs. Righto then. Lets sketch quickly and then demolish it. Except Moi had left all the kit in another bag. No worries mate. Both girls had spare everything so we were all happy. Conversation completely stopped for the next few minutes while our pens went at lightning speed.

I’d love to show you theirs as well. When I get the nod from them I’ll post them here too. I think theirs were way more yummy looking than mine. It was night I tell you. I couldn’t see the colours. Excuses, excuses. Tasted terrific though.


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