'A Taste of Sketching'- for those new to sketching

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Over coffee and scones we introduced ourselves, and left the daily routine outside beyond the door.
This was time for us. Our time.
Ready to sketch, we talked about planning the page, before putting pen to paper. How high is it?  How wide is it? And where’s the centre?  Now we have an idea of where everything will go.
After some nervous first tentative lines – no pencils remember – we were off and sketching our first shapes.  We’d managed a full sketch of hibiscus before we knew it.  Then out with the watercolour pencils to ‘add some colour’.
We then had a pile of apples which we sketched – and sketched. Standing up we had a different view of them. ‘I can’t sketch apples standing up’ said one.  Well while you’re up we’ll do some blind sketching. So without looking at your page, sketch only what your eyes tell you.
You really start seeing shapes that way and can’t help laughing when you look at the wonky shapes you’ve just made. All part of the fun. It’s an impression. Nothing matters.
Now for colour on the apples. White tops and sides, dark down the centre and behind. Oh my, all this food sketching reminded us it must be lunch time. Was that your tum groaning!!!
So off we head through the park to the ‘Bowlo Club’ but not before we sketched a quick tree as we passed through. ‘Hurry, get that colour on, we’re all hungry’
Nicely settled at our table at the ‘Bowlo’ we were all ready to relax and have a good lunch, but no, not yet. Sketch those coffees while they’re hot. A few laughs and some coffee sketches appear on the page. Hunger does make you sketch very fast.
Lunch done, and back to the Studio to try watercolours. Hibiscus back on the table, apples disappear and we’re heads down and sketching again. Puddles of paint prepared, get your chinagraph on all tops and sides. Make it scribbly and loose.
Now no fussing, get some splashes of colour applied to your sketch and  ‘Ta dah’ our hibiscus are popping off the page.
Phew what a lot of work we got through.  Lots of new learning and great work everyone.
Next ‘A Taste of Sketching’ for new sketchers. March 30 ’16. Don’t miss out. Book soon.

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