A Shiny Brand New Year

New Year's Day 2012
New Year's Day 2012

The sun was streaming through curtains and woke me. 6.15am on the first day of ‘Next Year’.

Time to get my ‘wake up’ cuppa tea. Wow, it’s glorious out there. I can hear cicadas and tweety chirpy birds, happy chat from early risers walking off their Christmas pudding, a boat engine as chaps go fishing. Pretty quiet overall. Fills one with happiness. Sketched the early calmness with the dark horizon before everybody started pouring onto the beach.

Before the day got away on me, put out the breakfast things, and sketched that. Love the big camphor laurel chopping board from Nicky & Adrian. Not the sort of thing one buys for oneself, but boy the old ones are not in great shape anymore. Lots of history in those boards.

Not breakfasting on the raspberries, boysenberries, black currents from the fruit salad we took to Stu & Yvonne’s last night. Milton is keen to make a ‘Summer Pudding’ with them, using some sponge cake intended for a trifle. It’s an English recipe traditionally using bread, but hey, can never waste old sponge cake.

Looking out to the garden, noticed the Garden Orbweaver web was just a couple of strands. His smaller mate on the other side is still there. Maybe he trapped an enormous bunch of insects ( what is a bunch of insects called – a flock, a school, a tribe. mmmmm.) Perhaps he wanted to have a brand spanking new 2012 web. Something minimalist maybe. Just tossed out the old cluttered one.

And the nice bottle of wine with ‘thank you’ card. That’s a sketch.

Milton was walking with Amelie and somehow these lovely visitors were wondering where was best place to see the 9pm fireworks. By this time most of the foreshore positions were snapped up with rugs, chairs and families with baskets of yummy food and drinks. Milton suggested they could have the box seats on our balcony overlooking the lot. We were going to friends elsewhere anyway. They were thrilled with that, and we found this very nice token of their appreciation on the outside table when we arrived home at 2am. Already ‘next year’.


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