A Quick Fix Sketch

Manly Village Cafe.
Manly Village Cafe.

There I was, sitting under the wooden portico in this cafe, checking out the ambiance, the coffee, the menu and so on. I had my sketching kit with me so decided to do a quick sketch.

You’d think I’d be better at this, but I used a way too thin pen to start and wasn’t happy! For a moment I thought I heard myself say ‘ I think I’ll tear it out’

What was I thinking! I preach the mantra about NEVER tearing out a sketch you think isn’t working. How are going to learn anything if you only keep the ‘good’ ones? So I asked myself how I could fix it. And the answer was the brush pen in the bottom of my bag.

YES. A good solution. I was on a bit of a caffein high so lines were going everywhere. I tossed in a few chinagraph lines and swung in with the paint. Woohoo, think it might be saved.

I left the lady sitting on the courtyard steps across the plaza, in the finer pen so that your eye is lead through the doorway to the outside.


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