A Paris Sketch from 2008

20 Rue Breguet
20 Rue Breguet

Another of some sketches I’d done when staying with Joanna in Paris. We stayed in this tiny 7th floor studio before moving to Beaumarchais the following week, and where we’d be for a month or so.

I wasn’t paying much attention to sketching at this time, and did only a few – which I now regret. Instead I concentrated on watercolours which I’d work on most days. I now see sketching as being a most wonderful way to express myself and record the moments I want to savour. And there are so many of those.

You live and learn! So many moments which never made it to the sketchbook. Not any more. Nope. All will be recorded on my next Paris Sketch week.

One is on a mission with sketching. One is so busy looking, observing, waiting to record the loveliness of the moment. You could never feel alone, even if you are, so so much to do.

And the sheer pleasure of the attempt. One could say it’s an addiction, or a passion. Mmmmm. Oops Pardonnez-moi traffic, I didn’t notice you all banked up there, I just want to finish this sketch of the Arche de Triomphe from right in front here.


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