A little bit of Venice

Venice waterways
Venice waterways

I didn’t know I was going to do the painting Venice next. It was the small reference sketch on my pinboard which caught my eye as I was thinking about the next painting. My head must still be in Italy, as it often is.

Well why not. I obviously liked this view or I wouldn’t have done the sketch and pinned it up on the pinboard. So that was it. Time to start.  Out with the biggest 300gsm  pad and the usual layer of gesso – a bit thinned down.

When that was dry I started with the acrylic layers I love so much. Yellow, red and blue, and very thin. Sponged all over with my tiny Greek sponge to get an even effect. I like the edges like this and not masked.

Then on with the dark brown paint and a small brush, to get the drawing in. Then began the applying of paint in a blotchy kind of way, to give a loose look. Today I did a lot of repainting to get the focus right. It’s taken a while to realise I can use  WHITE, because I don’t with watercolour. I like mixing it in now. I’m liking the effect.

I’m so not keen to wash the leftover paint off the pallette, so I put cling wrap over it and hope it can be used for the next work – whatever that turns out to be.

What a difference a day makes – well maybe a week!  That paint will not go to waste – I have put this painting on the Studio wall, and have decided to lighten it up. I want much more light and romance. We will soon find out how it looks.


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