A bite of Raspberry Creme Tartlet

How did I hold back!
How did I hold back!

Just a yummy little tiny morsel I purchased the other day, the whole idea being to sketch it. Before consuming it of course. I wasn’t planning to do it from memory but it was close. Art comes first!

The fresh berry on top was a clue as to the rich flavour  explosion one was about to experience.

If you’d like to sketch beautiful cake creations yourself, we have our next delicious ‘Cake Sketching’ High Tea at Bather’s Pavilion on Tuesday June 26 from 3 – 5pm.  Anna is the chef  de patissierre at Bathers and we await the display to see what she has created for us. Art and Food are intertwined.

High Tea is presented to each guest and you then have the opportunity to sketch each piece and finally to enjoy the taste.

$55p.p. Sketch book and pen provided if you don’t have your own.

Bookings essential. Ph Erin, 0412 141 223 or email erin@erinhill.com.au

Qantas flies here every day so from wherever you are, you still have time to get here by Tuesday 26th!


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  • MYAM this looks just delicious, wonderful sketch. Erin, did you know that under this blogpost appears an ad saying: “Patricia lost 16 Kilos” lolol:) and two photos, “before and after” lolool, so funny. Love your sketch, greetings from Paris

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