3.Leaving the Greek Isles

The idea of leaving  the Greek Isles is impossible to imagine.  You  are drawn into this warm and generous land and you feel as though you’ve found your place in the sun.

Wherever we are there is instant engagement with the locals. The restauranters are always helpful and wait patiently while we make indecisions round the menus.

Eating is a joy. Everything local and cooked now. Each cafe has its own specialty so no matter how often you order a familiar dish, there’ll be a change. Servings are generous.  We always order way too much thinking a dish will be for one, but it can always feed 3 – 4.

Over the time we are living Greek, we also learn something about the way of life.  The family is everything and the church is the social and spiritual backbone.  Traditions are celebrated wholeheartedly.  You’ll see several generations of family out together and the young ones learn respect for each other from day one. Even a young lad who likes to think he’s a bit of a rebel – will be in church with the family, scrubbed fingernails and freshly ironed shirt. Drinking too much alcohol is frowned upon, along with the behavior that comes with it.

We totally agree with the tradition that when a marriage is over, the woman gets the house and property, and the man goes home to his Mother.  We like how Greeks hold nothing back. A good healthy shout up is quite ok. Nothing gets bottled up.

We know things are difficult economically here but people appear to go about their daily business with pride. Yet we learn that pride can mean sitting for hours in a cafe on one coffee. Not ordering anything more.  An amazing outfit at Easter but it may be the only one they’d buy in a year.

In Athens we see young designer clothing stores. Stylish wine bars and busy restaurants Good design and handcrafts compete alongside more touristy souvenirs. Many homes and buildings appear well maintained.  However you’ll also see people trying to sell meager objects, and musicians playing for hours on the street to earn a few coins.

I’m pleased to see tickets now being sold for the amazing historical sites Greece is renowned for. They should do more of that. People are happy to pay to see such wonders. This is a wonderful country with plenty of resourceful people, but its tough at the moment. However they have paid off a large part of the country’s debt.  They certainly deserve a good life.

Thank you Greek Isles. You made us feel part of you and we have sketches of our everyday moments which will remind us of you forever.

MAY 2. KALYMNOS. 500yr old Olive Trees

Olive trees. May 2 '16jpg

MAY 2. KALYMNOS. The little church

Little church May 2 '16

MAY 3. POTHIA. Aghias Savas Monastery

Aghias Savas May 3 '16

MAY 4. KALYMNOS. Archaeology Museum

Museum May 4 '16MAY 4. KALYMNOS. Pythia and people

Pothia May 6 '16MAY 5. EMBORIOS. Harry’s Paradise Garden.

Harry's Garden May 5 '16

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  1. Glenys Cullimore

    Wow Erin I was taken back to our trip with Diana looking at all those great sketches, the memories were reactivated. I can imagine you are all having a wonderful time, great trip for all those budding sketchers and so lucky to have you! XXG


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