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We’ve started our weekly Summer Sketching Tuesdays. Just 3 of us today but we chatted, laughed, coffeed, and sketched the whole time.

Criniti’s is our ‘Studio’ each week. At least, that’s where we start, and of course coffee. We may move on, depends! In fact we used the coffee as paint on our first sketch. The chocolate on the cappuccino is extra good as paint.

Next it was the map. This is a great way to remember where you stayed (address) where you went ( landmarks) and not forgetting street names. They are right there on your sketch map if you do.

A floor plan of your hotel room or apartment is another way to never forget your ‘home away from home.’ An excellent brain exercise!

Then we had another coffee and did a ‘flat perspective’ across The Corso. Great and effective way to catch the character of a busy street. See you next week.

Tues. Coffee as paint

Tues. Manly map

Tues. Manly at Christmas



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  1. Helen Stark

    Hi Erin Not sure if u saw my previous email but I would like to book in for Tuesday 29 December and 5 January please. Cheers Helen

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