Sketch&French Wk 4. Asking the Way.

Monday May 18 ’15

Sketching this week in our first part of the lesson was learning to see  vignettes. That means the details and not the full story. You’ll get enough from a doorway or iron gate as from the whole building. You won’t have time and you don’t need to.

We have many iron gates and railings in our neighbourhood, so off we go to find one. By simply doing a couple of sections of it, and still using bright colour, you have a lasting memory. You’ll also know a great deal about that gate or fence – because you’ve observed everything about it.

Time for a well deserved coffee as Adeline arrives. Today we’d be doing conversation about getting lost, finding your way and asking how to get where you want. This is really helpful when you’ve caught the wrong train,  and stranded in a place not having a clue where you are. If you don’t happen to be wearing your Paris map scarf, you might just have to resort to asking a friendly passerby.

Role playing is a great way to hear yourself saying whatever you need to. You’ll know by the expression on the other person’s face whether you are making sense or not. Oh, so this is not the train to Avignon? Where am I? Grenoble!!!! Thank you perhaps I’ll have to go back on the next train. Or maybe I’ll stay here and sketch and rethink it. Perhaps a bottle of wine will fix all.

S&F. Iron gates in James St©ErinHillSytudio’15

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