Pre Christmas Goings-On

Somehow once we hit December, it feels like it’s all over. I do love Christmas time, but it feels like everything has to be squeezed in before the big day. I have learned to take quiet moments and here are a few, in no particular order.

Salt & Pepper shakers

Salt & Pepper shakers

Found these funny little chaps at the new Christmas Shop where I bought all the decos we used for Sketch Classes. I just love these fat little characters and I think they’ll take pride of place on Christmas Day. A few groans from the visiting family person though.

From 40 beans Cafe Window

From 40 beans Cafe Window

Such a good 20 minute walk from our place around the foreshore and across the park to have coffee with Leonie the other morning. This little place really earns it’s place – miles from anywhere, but they’ve created a great food and coffee experience. I sketched from the window out towards the fab big Morton Bay fig trees. They are 5 times this size. I just made it fit my space.

Preparing for early Christmas Lunch

Preparing for early Christmas Lunch

This was me having breakfast and preparing for dessert at an early Christmas lunch for some family members. Somehow it occurred to me part way through my breakfast to reshape the leftover pavlova from the day before! Into a small round dish it went, more cream smothered on top and more strawberry and kiwi fruit pieces and there it was. different but tasted excellent.

Wrapping Gifts

Wrapping Gifts

Lots of this going on this week. But everything is wrapped and under the tree now. Just a couple of nights before we gather to celebrate the birth of a very special babe, and all the nice things that go with that.

Merry Christmas world. Let’s make it a better one.



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