Cafes we Love for Sketching

Lunch & Sketch. Cafe la Bas

Lunch & Sketch. Cafe la Bas

Catching the news. Cafe La Bas

Reading the Manly Daily. Cafe La Bas

My lovely Flat White

My lovely Flat White

Lunch with Jo

Lunch with Jo

We know many of the good cafes in Manly these days. It’s part of the pleasure we take for the last part of out weekly Sketch Classes.

Cafe La Bas is a favourite. It has a small European Cafe feel. The coffee is some of the best. Lecio roasts his own beans every week and has special ones featured for you to try.

We like the food choices and always find just what we feel like. And we often score the big table ( top pic) so we feel we own the joint. In fact some of our sketches are being hung in little frames as time permits to update the wall decor.

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you about the toilet. It so reminds me of some of the eccentric ones in Paris. It’s really worth a visit. It’s about the size of a broom cupboard – woops it is the broom cupboard! There is a loo and tiny wash basin which you can just get to past everything stored there. There is a little window looking out to some plants, and the really best bit is the fab old photos of Brigitte Bardot, Gerard Depardieu, and several other movie stars of the 60’s. They looked so good back then. Maybe I should sketch this. Oh sorry won’t be a minute!!


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