Thursday Class July 19. Still Life & Cakes

Flower & Fruit still life
Flower & Fruit still life
Eyeing the Adriano Zumbo cake display
Eyeing the Adriano Zumbo cake display
Just a few offerings for you
Just a few offerings for you

Thursday July 19 ’12

First day of term and everyone was happy to be back for some sketching together again. A rather chilly day though. Decided to do a bright flower setup with some fruit as we were welcoming Penny today, and that’s a bit of fun to get started on. In fact her sketch was lovely. I think she was a little surprised herself. Monica is with us today and tomorrow then back to Sth Africa. She’ll be sketching back home very confidently and maybe get a group together. Good girl. Spread the word.

Nobody seemed to have forgotten a thing. Some in this class are doing fab sketches and their use of both watercolours & pencil is beautiful. Ethna is very keen on watercolour now and using colour well. I encourage a very limited palette as you’ll get every colour under the sun from these few.

The plan was to go to Adriano Zumbo’s little hole in the wall in Manly, where he displays his award winning French inspired cakes macarons and breads. We had a brief time before the little place was full of excited customers. Some of us purchased something to take elsewhere to sketch, hopefully next door, but being so cold we hurried our way to a bigger indoor cafe with a table for us all inside. Interestingly no one chose those sketches for the pic.

Somehow soup and bread seemed to suit the weather more than fancy cakes. But when you have a sketch location in mind, you do what you can and then find something else. Weather can make a difference but never stops us, just diverts us to another cafe!


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