Sketch Your Cake

A tiny lemon polenta cake with coffee.

A tiny lemon polenta cake with coffee.

Sketch your cake

Sketch your cake

I’m onto food sketches at the moment.

Wasn’t planning this one, but I’d been checking a boating location for my Sketch Class nearby ( from where I did a sketch ) however – we always complete the class in a cafe.

I like Three Beans just round the corner from where I’d been (bean) and took a street side table. The coffee was my first of the day so that got ordered before the waiter even opened his mouth.

So, did they have any small cakes, friands or similar? Yes they did. Funny that. Well I’d have a lemon polenta please.

The coffee came way before the tiny cake, but I couldn’t drink it yet as I needed the cake too if I was to sketch.

So the pen got started and before long it was time for colour.

I only had my usual 5 watercolour pencils plus the brown one – which is fine – I make most colours from these. I travel light and can hold them in my left hand, take each one as I need it then finally a few strokes of waterpen and I can demolish my set-up.

The coffee was little cold but that’s ok. The teeny weeny cake was very yummy.



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