Avenue of Jacarandas

Avenue of Jacarandas

Avenue of Jacarandas

Sketch class on location

Sketch class on location

We were lucky to get a Sketch day here in Kirribilli, which is known as one of the most amazing spots to see this street lined on both sides with beautiful jacarandas.

A couple of weeks back they would have been even more magnificent, but this was our only chance and despite a little early rain, we did some lovely sketches. We artists are a hardy lot and weather is no deterrent. With the reward of a yummy lunch round the corner we can survive anything.

I don’t take much time myself to sketch when I’m with the class, but do like to get a quick something down, so that I can show ways to apply colour. We use very technical terms like, ‘scumble’, ‘blob’, ‘drop a brush load here’ etc. No translation needed. Plenty of laughs.

I’d already prepared people with ways to mix a good purple, so it was lovely to see when we all applied our colour at the cafe, that everybody had succeeded. Also very rewarding to see how much more sure everyone is about sketching in public.

Another adventure next week, and we’re halfway through the term. Where has time gone!


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