Early Evening – or Pale Moon

Early Evening

Early Evening

There is a time late in the day, when the sun goes behind the clouds and the moon is pale in the sky – but it isn’t dark yet!

The sky is filled with pink, peach, lavender, cream, gold, and many shades of all of them – absolutely glorious. The sea reflects bits of all that’s above and you know the day is closing.

Somehow the pale moon is waiting up there, for it’s turn to come out and shine. It’s as though you’re not supposed to see it yet, but hey ‘I can seeeee yooooo.’

It’s not long to wait of course and the colours in the sky all dash off to the other side of the world, and the moon does his thing till it’s his turn to get off the stage, and the sun starts peeking at me in the morning, from the east.

They’re terribly busy and they don’t get many days/nights off.


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