Morning Walk, Fairlight

Morning Walk, Fairlight

Morning Walk, Fairlight

Been awhile since I’ve done a watercolour.  I need to keep a good selection of small local paintings in watercolour.  Of course I’ve been doing the soft acrylics, but are much bigger.

I love the long morning shadows. It means in a big foreground area such as in this painting, where nothing is happening – put in the long shadows and it pulls the composition together nicely.

This walkway is an ‘off leash’ for the dogs too. So on a Saturday morning it’s unbelievable!  The dogs love it!  All that socialising. Can be less than a brisk walk for me, but if I’m not in a hurry it’s more interesting for Amelie.

The mornings are cold first thing so I have my warm coat, and try to stop only in the sunny bits. You know that nice feeling you get when it’s freezing in the shade and then you get the sun on your back. Just for a moment you revel in the glow.

My line sketch for today is based on this same view. If I don’t have a new one, I’ll show you that tomorrow. We have a long weekend and it looks like rain!



  1. A beautifully composed painting, Erin. I love the way one’s eyes meanders from bottom left through to the central building that is highlighted by the red roof. The group of yachts adds some activity to the quietness that prevails. The sweeping shadows are quite superb. Great work!


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