Tuesday Morning, Warriewood Beach

Tuesday Morning, Warriewood Beach

Tuesday Morning, Warriewood Beach

Tuesday was a really gorgeous day for visiting a beachside client. When I arrived you’d think everyone was on holiday. Both cafes were doing brisk business and I promised myself a coffee very soon.

It was Gillian at ‘3 Spring Flowers’ who had asked to see the ranges. I really have a lot of Northern Beaches cards, but we both agreed that the French sketches and Milo the Cat would go well in that little enclave too.

So after a very pleasant ‘getting to know’ chat, I took myself to one of the cafes for a minute or three, to write up the order and enjoy some meditation time in the sun. AAaah.

Now for a sketch of Warriewood Beach, directly across the road and down the rock face. Actually it’s better to draw from high up. I can get much more of a feel for places if I can see all around. Once again those surfers were out and about. This beach is a little harder to get to, so it’s more the locals who go here.

I think this sketch might find a home in the range for this area.



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