Midsomer Murders – St Stephen’s Church Kurrajong

The Bell Tower, St Stephen's

The Bell Tower, St Stephen’s

It was Peta who made the comment when she saw the drawing. Oooh Midsomer Murders –  was there anyone hiding in the bushes? Well, actually I did hear some twigs crack. Then there was the man sitting in a chair on the far side of the graveyard, facing out to the valley. So silent here. I thought it was odd. Was he alive?

Kurrajong is very much after the style of the villages in U.K. where this long running series is filmed.  Obviously not as ancient, but there are certainly the little churches and tombstones, old shops, cinemas, and school houses,  long laneways with shrubs bordering – out to rolling valleys.

But I’m brave and not afraid of being murdered, so walked around on the crackly dry grass with tiny purple, yellow and pink flowers popping up, till I found a view I liked. Looking up to the St Stephen’s Church Bell Tower, with headstones in the foreground, I began to sketch. I never know how they’ll turn out as I don’t use pencil first. I just take centre of interest, start sketching and if anything else fits round that, I’ll put it in.

The colours really pulled it together. And I’m still here to tell the tale.


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