Sketching at Hyde Park – 2 more

Hyde Park & Centrepoint. Sydney

Hyde Park & Centrepoint. Sydney

Skip to my Lou my Darling

Skip to my Lou my Darling

This was a drawing I’d wanted to do ages ago. I like how you can look the whole way up to the best part at the top, and not have to draw anything messy below. Thank you trees and buildings. I think I missed a whole floor level by drawing so fast, so if you are up there and can’t see out – it’s me – forgot to draw your bit. Oh well, better luck next time.

People were gathered around this fountain. It was really hot, so that may have been why so many kids were swirling about in the water like some giant paddling pool, and caring not at all, about the man slaying the bull (or some animal – oh dear) right up above them.

The next drawing I decided on was the two old cars ( there were 100’s to pick from ) which you saw the other day, while sitting with Sumaya and Robert. We’d all said our goodbyes and I wandered down to where Milton would swoop in to pick me up, and there was this wonderful lineup of green & yellow Portaloos, right next to the expressway, and a sulphur-crested cockatoo observing.

I feel they are such an icon at every public event so I decided to sketch them. Actually there were heaps more but 3 was enough for one day I thought. The ladies lined up so nicely, one behind the other, waiting. For some reason that old Folksong “Skip to my Lou my Darling’ seemed to come into my head. Funny words indeed. Seemed fitting.



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