Oz Day Vintage Car Rally

Vintage Car Rally

Vintage Car Rally

Wednesday is a funny day for a Public Holiday. The 26th January happened to be Wednesday, and therefore Australia Day. So we all had the day off. However you do not lie about in bed. You are up and off to the nearest beach for a sausage sizzle. It’s vital to wear and apply to yourself anything that has the Oz flag on it. You picnic on Oz rugs, sit on Oz beach chairs, eat from flag decorated picnic wear and drink Oz beer. And you wave your Oz flag all day.

Sketch Club was at Hyde Park in the heart of Sydney today. The temperature was close to 33c. Typical. So you are in a sweat before you even start. People in all shapes, sizes, ages and colours, in prams, wheelchairs or just plain feet, all swarm about, taking part in the free entertainment laid on at every park and public place there is. No one has to miss out.

The Oz Vintage Car Rally has been running annually for 25 years on Australia Day. I don’t know how many vehicles there were but I’ve never seen so many cars all polished and glittering side by side while the proud owners set up their Oz tables and chairs for the day, nearby in the shade. Included were old ambulances, fire engines, buses, caravans and every brand of vehicle ever built – I’m sure.

My drawing happened to be where there was somewhere to sit. It was still hot and I could sit in the shade and draw the 1967 Bristol behind the 1924 Vauxhall. I liked the shapes.

My other sketches are very typical of Australia Day Celebrations and will be posted soon.

Then straight off to Carolyn’s 50th Birthday Drinks. Managed to get out of my painting gear and into a dress, in the front seat of the car!! Probably heaps of other people taking their clothes off in the front seat. It’s Oz day and everyone is having a great time. Had such a good time at Carolyn & Mark’s eating and chatting with their other lovely friends. But we couldn’t stay too late. It’s Wednesday – work tomorrow!


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