The 3rd of my International Sketchcrawl drawings

Borromini Bear at Manly

Borromini Bear at Manly

Archway, Manly Pavilion

Archway, Manly Pavilion

Archway, Manly Pavilion

Walkway, Manly Pavilion

I do draw quickly so to stop and put the colour on sometimes doesn’t happen if I’m in an awkward place, and need a third hand. Mostly I do it at the time, if I have somewhere to put my little water jar. Otherwise I improvise later. As one does.

By now the International Sketchcrawlers will have done their sketches and we will be seeing them at any moment. The variety will be most interesting, if it’s anything like our group. It amazes me how differently the very thing I’ve been drawing looks when the others do it. I love that. One learns so much.

The sketches I’ve put up over the last two days (apart from ‘Alissa drawing Borromini’ ) were done at the north end of the beach. My one of Borromini ( the International Bear – companion to Liz ) shows him sitting on my coffee cup saucer at lunch. Then to the south end to do Manly Pavilion wharf and archway. Actually I’m glad I had the opportunity as I’d been meaning to do these views for ages.

Here’s hoping everyone gets a buzz from seeing what’s going on all around our Sketch world. Cheers everybody.


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