Sketch Club – Centennial Park


Bird Sculptures and Real

Bird Sculptures and Real

Geese, & Waterbirds, Centennial Park

Geese, & Waterbirds, Centennial Park


When I peered through the curtains early this morning, it was pouring. Oh well I thought, there goes Sketch Club. So i busied myself making other plans. But Sydney can surprise you! Just because the forecast says rain for a week, doesn’t mean it will. This town makes up it’s own mind.

I was a bit late for a 10am meeting time, but it didn’t matter. The rain didn’t eventuate but a storm is promised late in the day. The humidity was about 95ºc so you drip a lot!!!

I found the pole sculptures with metal birds atop, a good warm-up. The real pelicans sat on the spare poles and swans, ducks and water hens cruised about looking for possible food donations.

Later we decided on another spot Jennifer had seen, past some formal gardens and around to a place on the lake’s edge where geese, and ibis were promenading. Geese are curious chaps and will come slowly up, to see if you have anything they’d like. Well I didn’t so they tried the others.

It was a great day and we all thoroughly enjoyed our outdoor drawing day. Thank you Weather Gods.



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