The Most Glorious Advent Calendar

The Most Glorious Advent Calendar

The Most Glorious Advent Calendar

I have been a Jacquie Lawson fan for ages.

Someone sent me a ‘Thank you’ using one based on Van Gogh’s sunflowers, and I fell in love with them and immediately subscribed.

This year I sent her Advent Calendar to the littlies in our family, and they are captivated. Our 3 year granddaughter  Anna, had been given one with a chocolate for each day – and she immediately eat the lot!!  This one cannot be eaten and each day is exciting when they can click on the ‘red’ bauble and see a delightful adventure unfold. Little Hannah likes to replay each one over and over. Grace was thrilled to see the toy shop called ‘Gracie’s Toy Shop, and Emma giggles at the skating puppy.

I play it myself every day and I am enchanted. It takes me back to my childhood, and for a moment, looking forward to Christmas is as exciting as I remember it.

I wish everyone a Joyous Christmas and New Year.


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