Beach Sketches, Balmoral

Beach Drawing with more scribble

Beach Drawing with more scribble

The above is the sketch I did after reading my Peter McIntyre book. He’s the NZ artist who originally inspired me to go from Advertising to Fine Art. Not that it happened overnight but this book was the beginning. I’d forgotten all that till I had it out yesterday and was devouring his style and technique once again.

I’ve done this sketch in a more scribbly line than I sometimes use, but I rather like it. Peter M. didn’t put colour on his b/w sketches I notice, but I very much like to. I felt quite pleased with this one and it’s working as a composition.

Also showing below, are some other Balmoral sketches for you to enjoy.

Join my sketch classes and you too can have fun sketching beaches.

Afternoon Balmoral

Afternoon Balmoral

Balmoral Picnic

Balmoral Picnic

Sunday Afternoon Balmoral

Sunday Afternoon Balmoral


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