Studio Takes Shape

Studio to outside

Studio to outside

Essential Equipment 1

Essential Equipment 1

Essential Equipment 2

Essential Equipment 2

Studio Window

Studio Window

I just love it already. No running water yet. No shelving or storage yet. No work tables yet.  Nothing on the walls yet. All coming soon.

However the important thing was to establish that this studio is taking shape. There are paintings on easels in the window and a box of  greeting cards. This establishes what I do. The windows have been cleaned and I’ve polished up the dull old brass door handle and street numbers.

But the coffee is great. The machine arrived yesterday and I’ve made 2 coffees so far, in between electricians and plumber consultations, I even put some acrylic onto a work in progress – just to officially begin painting there. It might take a little time to get the personality into the place, but that will evolve as I add bits and pieces of stuff that inspires me. You don’t need a decorator  to do this kind of space. It has a life of it’s own and will grow it’s own way.

It’s so sunny and bright. The girl in the Decorator studio pops in. The photographer next door is about to open. I suppose I should think about painting soon. Another coffee first. Ah but which flavour to choose.

More soon,



  1. Craney

    The studio is looking gorgeous Erin!!! Would love to pop by some time with Mr Derek and take him to a swim afterward. Perfect!


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