Selected Greek Isles Paintings

Village of Myrties, Kalymnos

Village of Myrties, Kalymnos

Olive Grove, Kalymnos

Olive Grove, Kalymnos

Before I begin- it’s now 2012 and both these paintings are available.

These paintings are both from that Greek Isles Isles trip I thought wasn’t that long ago. However, on checking my diary – surprise surprise – I was there in May 2002. I had my last exhibition after that wonderful adventure, so many paintings have been waiting patiently in a drawer for their turn to be shown, Well the wait is almost over.

We had 3 weeks around the Dodocanese Islands. For our trip it was Leros, Lipsi, Kalymnos with daily side trips to other towns and islands. As a painter this is an amazing opportunity to paint and be totally taken care of.

I then then spent several days in Kastellorizo, the furthest away from Athens in the group, and close to Turkey across the water, ( I could hear the dogs barking. )  This was a private commission suggested by our lovely neighbours whose family came from that island to Australia after the 2nd world war. Most of those works were snapped up, but I have some still so that Greece is represented in the exhibition.

I had to really re-think the light in the Greek Isles. It has so much reflected light off the pale houses and cliff sides that it can be difficult to get it right. One of the challenges I found, was the day we spent in the 500 yr old olive grove, on Kalymnos. That green is not green, not blue green, not dark. Whatever is that colour? I like the painting I did, ( it now has a little donkey coming round the bend ) but it may not be what was there. Oh well. It certainly stretched me. I didn’t quite throw my tennis racquet down but it was close.

I so adored the Greek Islands and I promised Milton that we would go again, because he wasn’t there and I’d clearly had an epiphany!  We haven’t quite managed it yet but it’s on the ‘when we get a minute’ agenda.

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