Steve Capper to Open Exhibition

 Dining in Trausse

Dining in Trausse

Caunes Market

Caunes Market

Where my first Trausse painting was done.

Where my first Trausse painting was done.

Summer kitchen, my Trausse home

Summer kitchen, my Trausse home

Trausse Minervois

I have now painted 13 originals in the village of Trausse Minervois (30 mins from Carcassonne, 90mins from Toulouse. )

It seems so appropriate to have Marilyn and Steve as guests, and Steve to do the honours for my 2010 February to March exhibition at The Bathers Pavilion, Balmoral Beach. So many of my paintings over the years have been done for them. Luckily I have just a few small paintings available for the show.

Make sure you meet them at the opening. You will be booking your next holiday before you know it.

It was the beginning of a great working relationship with Marilyn and Steve Capper, when they bounced into my Gallery.Their energy and enthusiasm for their life in France was captivating. I  simply had to be part of this. And so I now am.

I have shown the spot where I did my first painting, ( 3rd pic ) plus the finished painting. ( Way at the bottom ) It was very hot, but I found an old almond tree to get some shade, and where I was standing arose the aroma of dried herbs, particularly thyme. It just grows wild. Milton and Joanna had just brought me a piece of bread and cheese for sustainance.  They can just be spotted walking back down the long road.

The 1997 card was the only one done from a photograph and every one since I’ve personally painted or sketched on location. From then on both Milton and I would add Trausse to our itinerary, wherever else we were headed, and sometimes it was just moi. We’ve gone every 2 years, to make new sketches and have at least 2 paintings planned.

From that first cottage there are now at least 3 for people to rent, and the bonus is when both Marilyn and Steve are in the village. Don’t think you are getting a sleep in if Steve has a new walk planned!

Their are often drinks in the garden of ‘my’ Summer Kitchen garden, for all the guests, with fantastic local wines, cheeses and fresh produce which will have come from local markets. In fact you will be taken often to the best vineyards to choose your wine. We left some beautiful reds in the cellar to consume on our visit in May this year. Trusting you Steve.

My 2010 Exhibition was at The Bathers Pavilion in February & March

My 2012 Exhibition was at The Bathers Pavilion in March & April.

My 2015 Exhibition at The Bathers Pavilion will also be in March & April.

UPDATE: I will at home in Trausse from June till August 2016.  If you happen to going to Europe around that time. Grab a car, get some accommodation in or near Trausse, and book however many sketch lessons you’d like. But be quick, I already have people booked in. See menu bar under Sketch Holidays.

Village of Trausse

Village of Trausse

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