Snow Sketches with Watercolour

New Snow and Squirrel

New Snow and Squirrel

Condo in Snow

Condo in Snow



For the time we have been in this snow setting, my eye has been taking in all it can to do with contrast. That’s one of the biggest most obvious things with snow. But the objects which seem dark in contrast are much less so than one thinks.

I have 2 sketches done so far and now I’m getting some colour washed into them to see how they work. I felt reasonably happy with my first efforts.

There were squirrels tearing between trees, looking for nuts. The sun has been out for a day or two, so these little chaps are finding a few morsels around the melted edges. But does that mean they hadn’t stored enough to get through!

I will also show the Fireplace sketch done one evening as we sat contentedly warming ourselves, conversing, imbibing, philosophising and all that lovely family at Christmas stuff.

I have a tiny watercolour set bought at an enormous art shop San Francisco, which fits into my bag. I was so enthralled with the choice of  creative materials and spent ages looking around. Choice is certainly not a problem in the US.  It happens with everything from food to art materials.I’m getting to like it. It’s new to me. We don’t have this in Australia.

I don’t usually attempt much drawing while travelling as much as we are, but I have made sure I get the pad out every day or two. Maybe too many cafes and airports, but it keeps my eye in.

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