Art of Wyoming

Leadlight lamp

Leadlight lamp

Buffalo fabric

Buffalo fabric

Indian beaded bag

Indian beaded bag

Yankee Boots

Yankee Boots

Being in Wyoming has been a wonderful occasion to observe the ancient and local art.

In The Plains Hotel, which is in the old part near the station, the buffalo had been used as quite a theme. Leadlights are very much part of  local interior design, so I took a pic of the ones in the foyer.

The fabric on the chairs in the rooms again reflected this theme.

The buffalo appeared in many ways. Statues outside public buildings, stuffed ones outside the Governor’s office, cute toy ones in souvenir shops, and wonderful paintings in the Art Gallery.

The beaded Indian design shown in the Museum intrigues me. They show footwear, bags and pouches. Products like these are not easy to  find  to purchase. If you go to the Reserves or their own outlets it’s possible to buy beautiful Indian art.

At the Frontier Museum and Gallery, the paintings certainly glorified the colourful history. There really are some excellent local painters and craftspeople.

The Yankee boots summed things up for me.

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