Fairlight to San Fran in Sketches

 Morning Laps, Fairlight Pool

Morning Laps, Fairlight Pool

This was the sketch I did on my early morning walk. It’s gorgeous swimming here and we had the last we would get for a while last evening.

Then home to pack and get to the airport with a suitcase of woolley clothes and Christmas Gifts. Heavy bags indeed.Probably my sketch pad and pens that did it.

Did a sketch when waiting at the airport to be boarded, but somehow these are in the wrong order. Oh well you can see how they are meant to go.

After a sleep and a nice movie we landed at 10am in San Francisco. Nicky picked us up and whisked us over to Berkeley and off down the street for a good coffee. All this was rather a bonus. You leave in the morning and arrive in the morning of the same day. And hey, it waaaaas a good coffee.

I do love this area. The trees are red and yellow and the houses are very decorative, and many ideas are forming for what to paint. I find I need to get a feel for a place before I know what I’ll paint.

The house we have an apartment in is covered in shingles, and has lovely high pointed shapes. Makes you work hard to get it working.

Will pop into the city and see what’s happening next. Watch this space.

Our Berkeley Home

Our Berkeley Home

Airport Lounge

Airport Lounge


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